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This is a blog for fans of Lim Ju Hwan the Korean actor^^ 2010/11/27

I just figured that there are not a lot of information/resources available of Lim Ju Hwan (or Im Ju Hwan or Im Joo Hwan or any variations) in English. I’m a huge huge huge -and by that I mean very super huge- fan of him, and had always wanted to do something helpful for him. I really have no talent at all though, except for the fact that I’m bilingual with Korean and English-although my poor English grammar might show that I’m not native lol. Anyway, I want to make as much resources of LJH, that’s mainly in Korean, available and accessible to non-Korean fans of JH.

And also, this blog is simply a haven for me and xiaosxin and all other LJH lovers to express our love towards him freely^^

I’ve been never good at doing something persistently, such as keeping a diary, but I will try my best to keep this blog updated.

Ju Hwan Forever!

ps. If you have any question, just comment at this post!


这是韩国的演员林周焕(林朱焕)的fan blog。要是您有什么问题,请你在这里问一下。我的中文不太好,所以用英文回答。


4 Responses to “This is a blog for fans of Lim Ju Hwan the Korean actor^^”

  1. c Says:

    Hey there! Impressed with your enthusiasm for LJH^^ Hope you will keep up with your posts! Im hoping for many more films from him after he’s done serving the army:) i have enjoyed reading your posts! Cheers:D

  2. K Says:

    i really appriciate your work on this blog. Please use your English to translate every single thing about Im Ju Hwan cause unfortunately i’m not as billingual as you are 😀
    Thank you for that translated interviews.

  3. xiaosxin Says:

    Thank you for visiting our blog! Let’s spread the JuHwan love, pray for his health and wait for his return! Cheers!

  4. Autumn Rain Says:

    And this is his fanpage on facebook!

    I think facebook is more popular, so many people will be able know about him more!

    Like all of Im Ju Hwan’s fans!

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