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Are you all ready for “What’s Up?!” 2011/10/24

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I’ve been a good girl this year Santa!.


가슴 아픈 말 2011/06/25

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가슴 아픈 말.


‘수상한 고객들’ Movie Premiere! 2011/04/02

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Suicide Forecast aka Suspicious Customers

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Lim Ju Hwan’s new movie!!!!



What’s Up?! 2011/02/15

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Good things come to those who wait!


And we have waited patiently and fervently for this news to come out! Since the announcement of Lim Ju Hwan’s casting in early 2010.. fans like me have been anticipating his drama comeback. Would you have imagined it will take us this long to see him again?! It feels great to be rewarded with good news like this so early in the morning (at least on my side of the world). News reports from nate, and blogs like dramabeans and allkpop, have posted articles regarding What’s Up’s airdate so I am feeling optimistic. It is slated for a March 21 premiere date on the 9pm timeslot after Paradise Ranch. I would have preferred it to air on the regular 10pm drama timeslot.. but as long as it will mean that I will finally get to see Lim Ju Hwan again in the small screen… I’m not going to be picky. ^^ Just as long as SBS won’t chop it off like Tamra. I will throw a hissy fit.


I know.. I should really start with low expectations to keep me from being disappointed.. but at this point. How could I not?


This drama has been announced since like early 2010, filming started last summer, I watched the trailer a hundred times (not kidding) since its release in November.. and it’s Im Joo Hwan. It’s been more than a year since we last saw him in a drama.


I’m definitely onboard with this drama… whatever happens. ^^ If I can also do prayer ceremony like they do in Korea, you know the one the production team arranges before filming commences. I will do that for What’s Up too before it’s airdate. I want this drama to be a beautiful and memorable drama for Lim Ju Hwan since this probably will be his last drama project before enlisting for his military service. *sob* And that will be ranted on another post.


For now.. let’s all anticipate Lim Ju Hwan’s drama comeback What’s Up!! Cheers!!


임주환님 화이팅!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!