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그날까지 네가 돌아와요… 2011/06/17

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그날까지 네가 돌아와요….


Protected: LJH comments on his military service korean 2011/05/08

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‘수상한 고객들’ Movie Premiere! 2011/04/02

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Suicide Forecast aka Suspicious Customers

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Lim Ju Hwan’s new movie!!!!



Life is Beautiful is now Suspicious Customers 2011/03/18

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Lim Ju Hwan’s new movie has been renamed “Suspicious Customers” and have released a new teaser! I am excited for this movie! I have not heard yet when is the exact release date but it looks like around April. How exciting should this be if I can watch this movie in Seoul??


I think his character this time would be different from his other roles. Good luck to Suspicious Customers!!



Kender talks about… Park Kyu!! 2011/02/20

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The title says it all. So here is what Kender has to say about our beloved KDrama Hero.


Your Favorite Male Lead Character


Park Kyu. PARK KYU.

Tamra the Island’s leading man. He is perfection. To say that I am in love with him is no exaggeration; I would marry him in an instant if I ever found him in real life. If asked to choose between Kang Dong-won and Park Kyu, I would be seriously, horribly torn and would need several days to think about it.


He’s like Mr. Darcy, only funnier, more proactive, and more badass. And Korean, but..yeah.

(This is so late because it’s difficult to put my adoration of him into words. And there’s a shitton of picspam beneath the cut.)

Park Kyu even has his own fanclub, Team Park Kyu. You may think it excessive, but I swear, watch Tamra and you’ll be clamoring to join. If you aren’t completely in love with him by the 7th or 8th episode (at the LATEST, most people love him by ep 4 or 5), there’s something seriously wrong with you and you need your head examined.

Tall, good-looking, a bit arrogant, and sent to a place 180 degrees different from what’s he’s used to and forced to live amongst *gasp* COMMONERS.

Intelligent and morally upright, he loves rules and the order of society, but isn’t so rigid as to be inflexible.

Against his better judgement, he falls head over heels for the immature daughter of the family with whom he lives, but since he knows she’s fallen for the foreigner shipwrecked on Tamra (whom, by the way, should be killed by law) he steps back.

Oh, and did I mention he’s a cop? Yeah, a Joseon-era detective. Hawwwwwt.

Lim Joo-hwan as Park Kyu must be seen to be believed. He IS Park Kyu. There was never a moment throughout the entire drama where I thought, “Wow, Lim Joo-hwan is doing quite well.” Instead, my mind was filled with Park Kyu, with imagining what was going through his head and aching for him when he was in pain. His love for the brainless little Beo-jin (who’s adorable, she really is) is both wondrous and heartbreaking to watch.

Even if the rest of the drama sucked, I would recommend watching Tamra just for Park Kyu. Luckily the show is pretty damn awesome anyway, so take it as a bonus.

Why are you just sitting here? GO WATCH TAMRA.

Just remember: Park Kyu is communal property, but Lim Joo-hwan belong to my friends.


Thank you Kender!!!!! Such a beautiful words in tribute to a truly remarkable and unforgettable KDrama Hero. He is also my favorite male lead character of ALL TIME. Seriously.. watching drama the first captivated me with Park Kyu’s persona, but it’s Lim Ju Hwan’s perfect portrayal of the righteous, arrogant, but soft-hearted exile in disguise that have me loving everything about Tamra Island.


Can you really not love Park Kyu after seeing his smile? I dare you not to.



What’s Up?! 2011/02/15

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Good things come to those who wait!


And we have waited patiently and fervently for this news to come out! Since the announcement of Lim Ju Hwan’s casting in early 2010.. fans like me have been anticipating his drama comeback. Would you have imagined it will take us this long to see him again?! It feels great to be rewarded with good news like this so early in the morning (at least on my side of the world). News reports from nate, and blogs like dramabeans and allkpop, have posted articles regarding What’s Up’s airdate so I am feeling optimistic. It is slated for a March 21 premiere date on the 9pm timeslot after Paradise Ranch. I would have preferred it to air on the regular 10pm drama timeslot.. but as long as it will mean that I will finally get to see Lim Ju Hwan again in the small screen… I’m not going to be picky. ^^ Just as long as SBS won’t chop it off like Tamra. I will throw a hissy fit.


I know.. I should really start with low expectations to keep me from being disappointed.. but at this point. How could I not?


This drama has been announced since like early 2010, filming started last summer, I watched the trailer a hundred times (not kidding) since its release in November.. and it’s Im Joo Hwan. It’s been more than a year since we last saw him in a drama.


I’m definitely onboard with this drama… whatever happens. ^^ If I can also do prayer ceremony like they do in Korea, you know the one the production team arranges before filming commences. I will do that for What’s Up too before it’s airdate. I want this drama to be a beautiful and memorable drama for Lim Ju Hwan since this probably will be his last drama project before enlisting for his military service. *sob* And that will be ranted on another post.


For now.. let’s all anticipate Lim Ju Hwan’s drama comeback What’s Up!! Cheers!!


임주환님 화이팅!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!