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He’s on vacation! 2011/10/27

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He’s on vacation!.


We miss Ju Hwan 2011/10/08

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Hello fellow Lim Ju Hwan fans!!!


It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the past 5 months huh? WHOA ~ 5 months already?! So many things have happened since he first announced his enlistment to the military back in May. But let’s not dwell on the sad news, because what really matters in he is getting better!

I was informed October 3 Monday that he will be getting a leave from the military! Now, I don’t know any other details besides that, so it is possible that this may have happened already. Either way I am very pleased to know this since it would mean 3 good things. One, his health condition must have improved significantly and he is feeling much better now. Two, he’ll be going back home and spend some time to rest with his family and maybe meet some friends (which I am really really hoping). And three, he might update his Twitter account!!! Just that thought alone gives me hope and happiness. Even if he does not tweet at all, I am still grateful for the fact that he was able to make me happy!

Let’s continue to spread the JuHwan love, pray for his health and wait for his return!